Sarajevo Stock Exchange
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Which instruments and in which period can securities be traded on the Sarajevo Stock Exchange?

You can trade a large number of financial instruments on the Sarajevo Stock Exchange, such as stocks of BH Telekom d.d. Sarajevo, Elektroprivreda FBIH, government, municipal and corporate bonds, as well as shares of closed-end investment funds.

Financial instruments on the auction market can be traded at 11:00 and 13:00.

What is the most efficient way to trade?

The best, fastest and most efficient way to trade is by using an e-trading application, which allows you to see the conditions of the market in real time. Also, you have the opportunity to have an insight into the status of your portfolio of securities at any time, as well as an overview of executed, unexecuted and revoked orders.

You can download an example of an e-trading agreement here

Instructions for using the e-trading application can be downloaded here

What type of documentation do I need for opening a trading account?

If you are an individual, you need the following documentation: here

The list of the required documentation for opening an account for a foreign individuals (non-resident) can be downloaded here

If you are a legal entity with its registered office outside of Bosnia and Herzegovina, you can download the list of required documentation for opening a trading account here

For more information on segments and trading methods, as well as the types of orders that can be issued on the Sarajevo Stock Exchange, click here